Re: [Networker] How to make unique save set names for Oracle backups?

2007-05-08 01:21:17
Subject: Re: [Networker] How to make unique save set names for Oracle backups?
From: Ronny Egner <Ronny.Egner AT SIV DOT DE>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 07:20:38 +0200
run {
set command id to 'something.offline';
allocate channel t1 type 'SBT_TAPE'
allocate channel t2 type 'SBT_TAPE'
  filesperset 4
  skip inaccessible
  tag 'something.offline'
  format 'something.offline_%n.%u'
release channel t1;
release channel t2;
Just an addition:

"skip inaccessible" is absolutely dangerous! With this option set
rman skips datafils which are currently offline (by corruption or
whatever). If this datafile is longer online and you dont have the
archivelogs from where the datafile was put offline you *cannot*
put it back online again - the data is LOST!

So: Only use "skip inaccessible" if you know what
you´re doing!!

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