[Networker] persistent binding for autochanger

2007-05-07 09:20:15
Subject: [Networker] persistent binding for autochanger
From: Fazil Saiyed <fazil.saiyed AT ANIXTER DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 09:07:37 -0400
If you are on windows system look into the registry settings, also your 
HBA manufecturer will have program that you may have installed that gives 
you all the info and lets you set persistant bindings.
If you do not have that installed ,you might be able to go into HBA bios 
and set it there during boot.
I.e Qlogic sansurfer pro-HBA manager.
Also, couple of other networker cmd may be usefull.
i.e inquire, tapes, sn etc.
You may also want to double check the procedure on your Tape lib for 
persistant binding

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