Re: [Networker] backup of adaptec snap server as networker client

2007-05-03 08:40:11
Subject: Re: [Networker] backup of adaptec snap server as networker client
From: NetWorker Forum <networker-forum AT BACKUPCENTRAL DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 05:39:10 -0700
Don't know if you are off and running with this backup or not. If not here is 
my take :-)
Yes unfortunatly we have to deal with backing up a SNAP Appliance. This box was 
a huge 
pain the the rear for years. Untill I figured out what was going on. The client 
version we settled on running is 7.2.2build.422 I think that is the most 
recient supported version on that applicance.
Our trouble was this: most of our nodes are set to backup ALL under the Save 
Set option.
This does NOT work with a SNAP box. The SNAP box is continually makeing 
snapshots of filesystems, disks etc.. (which is what it is supposed to do). So 
we were redundently backing up data to tape. With the Save Set option set to 
ALL legato client would see a bunch of new snapshots daily which would cause 
this redundancy etc.. I have no idea how many redundant copies we had at once 

So in short yes it works now :-) You just have to know where your data is. 
As long as someone is making the disaster recovery backup of the SNAP os 
(guardian??) all you need legato to backup is your /share directories. Here is 
our Save Set option for that client and things are working fine now.


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