[Networker] Cannot recover RMAN Oracle backup?

2007-05-01 14:34:32
Subject: [Networker] Cannot recover RMAN Oracle backup?
From: George Sinclair <George.Sinclair AT NOAA DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 14:32:24 -0400
We are unable to recover the data for an Oracle RMAN level 0 test backup from 04/26/2007.
The NetWorker media database shows the save sets from that date, and
there are no flags indicating any
problems with the save sets. However, when we run the RMAN recover,
specifying the SET UNTIL TIME
to 04/26/07, it instead recovers a level 0 from 04/25/07. There are no
errors indicated, and the recovery works,
BUT we are mystified as to why it would be going back to 04/25/07 when
there's another level 0 available from
04/26/07, and this is the date we explicitly specified.

We're running Oracle 10g on Linux with NetWorker 7.2.2 client, and NMO 4.2. Primary backup server is running Solaris with NetWorker 7.2.2. We run level 0 cumulative and level 1 cumulative backups, no

Here's the order of the events:
1. Ran level 0 backup
2. Ran level 1 backup
3. Ran level 0 backup again
4. Ran level 1 backup
5. Ran level 1 backup again

6. Ran level 0 backup
7. Ran level 1 backup
8. Ran level 1 backup again

9. Shut down database

10. Restarted database
11. Ran level 1backup
12. Ran level 1 backup again
13. Restored data without specifying any date which *SHOULD* have applied the latest incremental (step 12) to the latest full (step 6 from 04-26-2007). But, instead, it applied the full backup from 04-25-2007 and then the last incremental (step 12). We then tried again, but this time we specified a SET UNTIL TIME for 04-26-2007, and it still
recovered the full from 04-25-2007. No errors, however.

Any ideas why it wants to use the full from 04-25-2007 and completely and blithely ignore the one from the 26th?
It's almost as if RMAN doesn't even know it's there, like it was never run!



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