[Networker] General Oracle RMAN backup/recover question?

2007-05-01 13:53:31
Subject: [Networker] General Oracle RMAN backup/recover question?
From: George Sinclair <George.Sinclair AT NOAA DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 13:50:23 -0400

General question here about Oracle backups using RMAN with the NetWorker Oracle module.
1. Is is recommended to take a level full backup after the database has
been re-started?
We're thinking that just because the database is shut down for whatever
reason and later
restarted that we should be able to simply continue with the same backup
schedule as before.
So, if the next scheduled backup calls for an incremental then that's
what we run. However,
would re-starting the database in any way require you to run a full?

2. What if you recover an older version of the database? Then should you take a full backup
after the recovery?

Our current backup strategy is level 0 (full) once per week with level 1 backups (cumulative incrementals)
all other days of the week.



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