[Networker] mmrecov via disk device

2007-05-01 11:53:16
Subject: [Networker] mmrecov via disk device
From: mark wragge <mark_t_wragge AT YAHOO DOT IE>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 16:51:25 +0100
Is it possible to use a disk device to perform an mmrecov using the bootstrap 
info. I think that if the server is still online but mmrecov was necessary then 
this would not be a problem.
  But if the server had gone down and OS had to be rebuilt could the disk 
device virtual volume be mounted and then the mmrecov perfromed specifying 
appropriate bootstrap info.
  Procedure would have to be: Rebuild OS, install Networker server SW, create 
advanced file type device specifying exsiting disk backup device - then somehow 
mount the virtual volume that is already there.
  Is this possible to do or would the original virtual volume be overwritten or 
beome corrupt?
  If possible i would also intend on using this method for offsite replication 
of disk backups to avoid having to send tapes offsite to the DR site. If this 
method is not possible then I would still have to send the bootstrap to tape 
and then send this tape offsite every day.
  Any suggestions or experience doing this??

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