[Networker] Backup times in mminfo

2006-02-14 11:43:10
Subject: [Networker] Backup times in mminfo
From: Stan Horwitz <stan AT TEMPLE DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 11:34:42 -0500
I am trying to write a perl script that generates a customized report. One of the things I need to include in this report is the start time and end time for each save set. I am trying to interpret the man page for mminfo on which fields provide this information, but the documentation is not at all clear. I thought sscomp would be the actual time in hours:minutes:seconds mm/dd/yy (or some other similar format) for when a saveset completes, but it just gives the date; no time. In fact, all those fields that say they report the time for some event are only 9 characters wide and report only the date, not the full time.

I am looking to generate a report that does something like:

client level nfiles size start time end time duration name full 10,000 10GB 15:00:00 02/13/06 18:00:00 02/13/06 03:00:00 /mydata

How can I get this information? The report will actually contain other info, so this is an abbreviated example.

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