[Networker] SCSI reset on HP equiment

2005-04-28 06:49:15
Subject: [Networker] SCSI reset on HP equiment
From: "Pedersen, Jan (GE Consumer Finance)" <Jan.Pedersen AT GE DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 07:42:12 +0100
Hi all
I am having a lot of troubles with SCSI resets on my backup, which causes 
Legato to produce backups with "holes" in.
I have a HP 5000 SAN and 2 MSL 6030 libaries, and 7 storage nodes.
All is running Windows 2000/2003
The Legato version is 7.1.2
My HBA's are Emulex and Qlogic.
-The Qlogic HBA's are setup to persisten binding with Qlogic's SANSURFER 
Zones created on the SAN switch, which only holds the backupserver, the libarys 
and the storagenodes.
What I can see happening is that through the night when the backup is running, 
I sometimes gets a "SCSI reset" command send to the tapedrives, this causes 
them to rewind the tape, this is unvisible to Legato, so when the tapedrives 
are rewinding the tapes, Legato still thinks all is fine and continues to write 
to the tape, allthough it now is positioned to the start. So when I later try 
to check the tape with "scanner -nv", it gives:
scanner: Reading the label done
scanner: SYSTEM error: Tape label read for volume ? in pool ?, is not 
recognised by Networker: unknown error 234 (0xea)
Is there anyone on the list that has had this problem and solved it?

Venlig hilsen
Jan Pedersen

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