[Networker] cat.exe for w2k3

2005-04-26 06:13:32
Subject: [Networker] cat.exe for w2k3
From: Nick Ratcliff <Nick.Ratcliff AT UNILEVER DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 11:05:10 +0100
Dear All

We're migrating our Networker server to W2k3 from windows NT 4.
We have a script using CAT.EXE from the NT Reskit. This doesn't work
under W2K3. There's no substitute under the W2K3 reskit.

I've looked at SFU 0- Microsofts Support for Unix tools and that does
have a version that can be used under Interix, but we have a political
situation which prevents me from installing that lot on the server. And
anyway install all that just for ione utility is a bit much.

At the moment we do this in the script which captures the output from
the notification, then we fiddle/analyse the text to send a set format
e-mail, for easy early morning checks.

This is the first line of the batch file that runs when we have a savegroup
completion notificaion:

IF EXIST C:\Apps\ntreskit\cat.exe C:\Apps\ntreskit\cat.exe > c:\TEMP\legato.txt

Thus we end up with the notificaion info in the file c:\temp\legato.txt

I've spent quite some time looking for a direct replacement, to no avail.
Anyone got any suggestions. I'd been told there might be a cygwin version
(linux ported to wintel) but I can't find cat.exe via that route.

Anyway, help, suggestions, investigative routes to follow appreciated

UEIT CC London Network Ops
Phone: 020 7822 5050

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