[Networker] odd behavior with NetWorker (but not Solaris file-copying utilies)

2005-04-25 13:58:59
Subject: [Networker] odd behavior with NetWorker (but not Solaris file-copying utilies)
From: Ty Young <Phillip_Young AT I2 DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 12:54:19 -0500
This is something odd I've run across today, so I'm looking for comments.

I have a case open with Hyperion support.  Hyperion makes financial
reporting systems such as "Essbase."   The case centers around backups of
their product's various files, because they employ mandatory file-locking
on some but not all of their files which is retained even if we put the
system into 'archive mode.'

The interesting thing is that NetWorker seems unable to back up (using
'save') the files.   If I substitute a 'tar' or 'cp' command for 'save',
the files (even in their locked state) copy over just fine.

The only way I've managed to get NetWorker to back up the files is to
manually run a 'chown -R -l' command on the parent directory, but this
seems like a brute-force tactic and I worry that removing the locks may
adversely affect the restorability of these files in the future.

I  guess I don't understand how NetWorker differs from cp/tar/cpio with
regard to file-locking.   Comments?  Suggestions?

Phillip T. ("Ty") Young, DMA
Manager, Data Center and Backup/Recovery Services
Information Services
i2 Technologies, Inc.

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