[Networker] How fabricate (disk) volume label

2005-04-22 05:18:31
Subject: [Networker] How fabricate (disk) volume label
From: "Harald A. Irmer" <Harald.Irmer AT ATIS.UNI-KARLSRUHE DOT DE>
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 11:13:59 +0200

this night a RAID-System on our Legatoserver crashed with lot's of SCSI
errors. The backup stuck but else not much got wrong, but:

(Networker 6.1.4 on Solaris 9)

The labels ("volume" files) of 2 backup data partitions became identic:
The "volume" file of  I-206  is now an exact copy of the "volume" file
of IS-106.
I cannot mount I-206 because it's in wrong pool now. I cannot scan in
I-206, it says there's IS-106 before. I cannot scan I-206 without volume
How to fabricate a missing volume label?


Harald Artur Irmer
Harald A. Irmer
ATIS - Abteilung Technische Infrastruktur

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