[Networker] Notes Module 1.3

2005-04-21 12:38:15
Subject: [Networker] Notes Module 1.3
From: Swiss <swiss AT KEACHIE.CO DOT UK>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 12:33:09 -0400
I'm having problems with a NT4 server running Domino 4 and using the Notes
Module 1.3. I have parallelism set to 1 on the client and 1 in the
nsrnote.bat and also the set nml_skipdberrors set to yes.
When trying to backup this server from a 7.1.2 Solaris networker server I
get loads of
retryable_error: NWBSA_RC_NETWORK_RETRY received a retryable network error
rity 0 Number -13): current request exceeds parallelism

In the debug file for the notes module.

The backup starts writing ok but the above errors appear after the module
comes across an open notes database and replicates the nsf file to the
temp directory. Looks like the errors are being logged in the debug file
when the replication has finished. This will hang the backup until it's
When I set-up this client on a NT4 6.1.3 backup server I don't get any

Is anyone out there having successful notes module 1.3 backups to backup
servers running version 7 ? The other main difference is V7 backup server
is very busy and the V6 backup server is pretty much idle.
Any help appreciated,


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