[Networker] Old Networker will not start

2005-04-20 18:01:53
Subject: [Networker] Old Networker will not start
From: Sid Martin <swmartin AT LINK DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 18:00:09 -0400
I have recently installed new Networker on new server and new jukebox and
have set up new pools etc. I have returned to the old server to perform a
restore and networker will not start. I had to remove the old server from
the network due to liscense problems. When I try to start networker
(/etc/init.d/networker start)

two instances of nsrexecd start,
nsrd starts and
nsrlmc hangs.

I try to start nwadmin and it hangs.

When I nsr_shutdown and nsrd finally ends nwadmin comes up but says server
not available. The daemon.log has the following:

nsrlmc: nsrd did not respond. nsrd must be started before running nsrlmc.
If nsrd is running, you may have exceeded a resource limit.

I have recovered the res dir with mmrecov (from bootstrap) and tried but
get the same result.

what resource am I exceeding?????

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