[Networker] NDMP Restore Problems

2005-04-20 13:45:28
Subject: [Networker] NDMP Restore Problems
From: Bob Horvath <bob.horvath AT EMERSONPROCESS DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 13:44:15 -0400
We have recently purchased a Netapp Filer and we are performing test
backups and restores. We have no problems backing up the filer and
restoring (directed) small directories. But we are unable restore
(directed) a large amount data (100GB)to our filer. When performing a large
restore the tape loads propery, Networker GUI indicates tape activity, but
nothing gets restored? We are also seeing 100 CPU utilzation on the filer
during the restore? I read that a restore may take about 3 hours before the
filer starts the retore, so I waited 4 hours.

System info:

Master server Solaris 9, Networker 7.1.2. NetApp Filer version
Communication via fiber, protocal NDMP.



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