[Networker] problems with 7.1.1 to 7.1.3 upgrade

2005-04-18 12:00:31
Subject: [Networker] problems with 7.1.1 to 7.1.3 upgrade
From: Teresa Biehler <tpbsys AT RIT DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 11:55:47 -0400


I'm upgrading my NW server from v7.1.1 (on Solaris) to v7.1.3.  Well,
I've uninstalled without problems, but when I try to install v7.1.3, I
get the following:


Processing package instance <LGTOclnt> from </u01/NW7.1.3>


NetWorker for Solaris (Backup/Recover) Client

(sparc) 7.1.3.Build.404

LEGATO Software, a division of EMC.

                NetWorker(TM) - Release 7.1.3.Build.404

Copyright (c) 1990-2004, LEGATO Software, a division of EMC.  All rights

This product includes software developed by the University of

California, Berkeley and its contributors.



To set up a NetWorker storage node, licensing manager or client, you

need to supply a directory for the nsrexecd state file.


Directory /nsr exists, it will be used as the default.



Directory to use for client, licensing and server information [/nsr]? 

`/nsr' is not writable




As far as I can see, /nsr is indeed writable by root.  So, I looked at
the script in the install directory to see what tests were done to
produce this error.  I found one place within the script that produces
this error.  When I reproduce that function, loop and test, the results
that I receive is that our /nsr directory is writable.  


Has anyone seen this?  Do you have any ideas?  





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