Re: [Networker] Core Files not skipped by Directives

2005-04-08 16:40:19
Subject: Re: [Networker] Core Files not skipped by Directives
From: Pat DeCelie <pdecelie AT SIAC DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 16:33:59 -0400

Stan had said:
>I think the prudent thing to do is back up the core files. I was in a
>situation a few years ago where a web server's disk crashed. Every bit of
>data for that server's users was recovered, except for one user. Yup, that
>user had the dumb luck to host a web site called "core". Since that
>incident, I would just as soon back up those few core files than not. A
>better solution is to find out what's generating core files on your server
>and fix it if at all possible.

"Ouch" about the core web site!  At our site, we support several
environments, one of them being a Development environment. I agree it is
wise to determine what is causing the cores and fix it. Also, it may be
prudent to backup core files, but I see 1GB core files quite often and for
a 500 client backup domain, it probably adds up to a few terabytes of data
over the course of one year.  I know there are some good jokes I could
insert here, but that is what it is. We have a 3 year retention for full
backups, so it can save a decent amout of tapes.  One possibility is to
have a cron job find cores, email the owner of the core file and remove
ones older than 2 weeks.

>From the nsr man page and what Darren wrote, it seems like a bug with
directives. I will check with Legato and post later.


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