[Networker] Notes Online module: error 525

2005-04-08 05:48:44
Subject: [Networker] Notes Online module: error 525
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 11:48:15 +0200
Hello all,

we are installing online modules for Lotus notes 

the customer has a  NW 7.1 backup server running on solaris

the notes (version 5) are all running on windows 2000 or 2003.

I configured the client resource with saveset NOTES: and backup command
nsrnotesv. on the notes server I created the variables
Notes_ExecDirectory = D:\NOTES (where nnotes.ddl is located)
PATH = D:\NOTES; + rest of path including nsr/bin directory

If we do a scheduled backup, the backup fails

if we do a client initiated backup ( nsrnotesv -s backup-sever -R) we
receive the following message and nothing is backed up

nsrnotesv: Error returned for <name database>.nsf by Notes API, error =
525 (This database is currently being used by someone else.  In order to
share a Notes database, all users must use a Domino Server instead of a
File Server.)

the error suggest to set a NML_SKIPDBERRORS variable, to continue after
non-critical errors. 

after setting this variable, we receive a lot of the same mesages (I
think 1 for each database file of the notes server), BUT aftewards
networker backups some of the databases.

BUT during that backup, the databases are not available (just like
during a normal file system backup, the users can not access their mail,
while their mailbox is backed up)
and also the scheduled backup does not work.

I found two related legato issues, but we tried them, without results.

backup using nsrnotes -s backup-server -x -R gave exactly the same
flusing the cash and even rebooting the servers, did not solve the

I think that the backup tries to access the files, like a normal
file-backup, which is not the meaning when they buy a online module. 

does somebody have more experience with online notes modules?



 <<Legato Solution: legato81951>>  <<Legato Solution: legato25226>> 

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