[Networker] Backup Client in DMZ

2005-04-07 02:12:50
Subject: [Networker] Backup Client in DMZ
From: Brodt Martin <Martin.Brodt AT MARCONI DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 08:03:18 +0200

I've problems backup up a WNT4 Networker Client in our DMZ.
I've already read the Technical Bulletin (Nr.388)

rpcinfo -p <NetWorker client>  form server seems to be ok.
rpcinfo -p <NetWorker server>  from client seems to be ok.

nsrports -s < NetWorker Server>
Service ports: 7937-8150
Connection ports: 10001-30000

as configured

NetWorker client ports in the NetWorker client resource:
Service ports: 8001-8024
connection ports: 10000-10600

savegrp -pnvvv -c <NetWorker client> <groupname>

reveals connections on different ports through
netstat -a

<Backup Server>:10299 ---> <Backup client>:9036
<Backup Server>:10300 ---> <Backup client>:9140

any hints configuring the settings of backup server and backup client
and firewall (it's a nokia box I'dont manage).

NetWorker Server/Client Version: 6.1.1

thanks, Martin


CSC Managed Services
Account Marconi
Gerberstr.33  71522 Backnang
Tel:  +49 (0)7191 13 - 2240
Fax: +49 (0)7191 13 - 6 2240

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