[Networker] Did you use auxiliary database for recovr ?

2005-04-06 01:37:28
Subject: [Networker] Did you use auxiliary database for recovr ?
From: darings <snoop AT BECSOLUTIONS DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 01:28:04 -0400
>From use Auxiliary Database for Oracle i'm testing oracle recover.
Do you have experience about auxiliary database ?
I have two instance of oracle . that is targetDB and newduplication
the database is registered in rman catalog.
For recover it in newduplication. the follow command is used

connect target sys/***@targetDB
connect rcvcat rman01/[email protected]
connect auxiliary sys/***@newduplication
run {
     allocate channel ch1 device type sbt;
     duplicate target database to newdupliation;
     release ch1;

This run scripts is showed in Oracle Auxiliary Database!
But This script can't execute good job. Why ?
Do you know the reason ? help me..

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