Re: [Networker] context searching in 7.1.3 nwadmin

2005-04-05 00:15:30
Subject: Re: [Networker] context searching in 7.1.3 nwadmin
From: Tim Mooney <mooney AT DOGBERT.CC.NDSU.NODAK DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 23:00:34 -0500
In regard to: Re: [Networker] context searching in 7.1.3 nwadmin, Davina...:

Manel Rodero wrote:

We're now with 7.1.2 and the problem is here too. Is a new "feature" ;-) Is
like the problem existent with machines with similar names and the searching
that Legato does. Example:


If you no a 'nsradmin' to update only 'client1.domain' the update will
affect to 'controlclient1.domain' because its right part is the same. :-(
Very annonying but ... until Legato solves it ...
It's poor coding and really a novice programming error. All that's
required to get this right is the correct regular expression using a ^
at the beginning and a $ at the end. An elementary error like this
shouldn't get through the code review process.
I'm confused.  The "searching for a client" feature the original poster
mentioned sounds like a new bug, but the the behavior described by Manel
above is nothing new or even unexpected -- Legato documents it (though not
boldly) in the man page for nsradmin:

       3) Values in a query may be in the form of ed(1) style regular expres-
       sions.   A  pattern match is attempted against all resources that con-
       tain the specified attribute.

If I'm understanding what you're both talking about above, this behavior
isn't new.  It may be a surpise to NetWorker beginners, but certainly not
to you, Davina?  Darren Dunham and others have mentioned it on the list
before.  I admit that I sometimes forget that nsradmin uses *unanchored*
basic regexes, but it only takes one query to remind me again that I have
to anchor my own queries.

Am I completely misunderstanding what's being discussed?

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