[Networker] networker 7.2 and library auto-load support

2005-04-01 02:56:48
Subject: [Networker] networker 7.2 and library auto-load support
From: Zaigui Wang <zaigui AT YAHOO DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 23:53:35 -0800
We have a quantum P4000 that has autoloading feature: whenever a tape is 
inserted into the
loadport and the tape will be moved from the loadport to the storage bin as 
soon as the loadport
is closed. 

This is all nice and dandy, Legato networker, however, has no ideas of this 
happending. As a
result, the tapes are loaded but I have no idea where they went, short of 
re-inventorying the
entire library. 

Is there a way for the library to notify/update the networker software of 
import/export events?
Sun support does not seem to think so. But I know for certain other backup 
software, such as
CommVault, does this like a breeze.

anybody has input on this? thanks!


Zaigui Wang 

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