[Networker] Setting up Windows Dedicated Storage Nodes with Linux Networker server

2004-12-30 11:50:41
Subject: [Networker] Setting up Windows Dedicated Storage Nodes with Linux Networker server
From: Brian O'Neill <oneill AT OINC DOT NET>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 11:48:35 -0500
I'm hoping some of you can show an old Networker dog some new tricks...I
am unfamiliar with the setup of shared drives and storage nodes.

I'm converting a standard Networker installation into one that will be
sharing drives in an autochanger over a SAN with some dedicated
networker storage nodes. The Networker server (Network Edition, 7.1.1
but can be upgraded if necessary) driving the autochanger is Linux - the
storage nodes (4) are Windows (running Exchange). The Autochanger is a
PV-132T with two SDLT320 drives.

I've got the licenses for DDS and the Dedicated Storage Nodes intalled.

It appears from the documentation that I need to run jbconfig, and will
need to supply the paths that each of the storage nodes sees the drives
as - can someone give me an example of how this would look for a windows
storage node?

Also in the manual it mentions sharing the autochanger - and that
jbconfig would prompt me differently. Should I be following the
directions for the drive sharing, or the autochanger sharing? I think
the latter, but jbconfig doesn't prompt me as it seems to show it should.

Any help with this is mucho appreciated.

Also, give only two drives, and 5 storage nodes (including the current
server and its clients), will I have scheduling issues? Should I stagger


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