[Networker] Not Enough Licenses

2004-12-22 13:25:20
Subject: [Networker] Not Enough Licenses
From: "Fowler, Carter" <CFowler AT LONDON DOT CA>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:24:20 -0500
Hey all;

We are running NW 7.1.2 on a Win2003 Server with an L700e Jukebox
attached, all via fiber.  Backups have been working fine for the past
month, then out of nowhere, we began receiving the following messages in
the daemon.log:

nsrd: server info: Unable to grant SERVER (UNIVERSAL) CLIENT license to
client blablah: Too many clients.  Maximum is 55

I'm just wondering if anyone's ever seen anything like this and if there
is a fix for it.


Carter Fowler
Hardware Services Technician
Technology Services Division
600 - 380 Wellington St.
London, ON, CA, N6A 5B5
Off: 519.661.5711
Fax: 519.661.5408
Cel: 519.854.5568
cfowler AT london DOT ca

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