[Networker] how to (manually) stage?

2004-12-22 10:40:55
Subject: [Networker] how to (manually) stage?
From: Olaf Zaplinski <o.zaplinski AT BROADNET DOT DE>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 16:39:58 +0100

I want to disable staging at night when our NW backups data to its staging
devices because it regularly hangs when doing backup and staging at the same
time (an old NW problem).

So I want to enable staging when no backups are running, let's say from 10am
to 7pm. So I thought of a cron job:


  echo '. type: "NSR stage"; name: my Default stage' > /tmp/nsradm.$$
  echo "update start now: stage all save sets" >> /tmp/nsradm.$$
  echo "update enabled: yes" >> /tmp/nsradm.$$

  /usr/sbin/nsradmin -i /tmp/nsradm.$$ > /dev/null
  rm /tmp/nsradm.$$

  echo '. type: "NSR stage"; name: my Default stage' > /tmp/nsradm.$$
  echo "update enabled: no" >> /tmp/nsradm.$$

  /usr/sbin/nsradmin -i /tmp/nsradm.$$ > /dev/null
  rm /tmp/nsradm.$$

The problem is that this does *not* work. Enabling/disabling works, but
forcing staging does not work. Only when I use the Windows GUI it works.

Any ideas? I also tried my own staging script, but the problem is that I
only can use two staging processes because the more processes I start, the
more 'locks' I get which means "waiting for file disk stage4" for example. I
would like to use more devices (we have 5 LTO-1 drives here) to speed up
staging, but I do not know how to select SSIDs so that all staging processes
can run concurrently without disturbing each other *and* without two staging
processes that back up the same SSID (a bug in my currently used script).

Do any self made staging scripts exist? Or how do you handle this problem?


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