[Networker] Tape Recycling Issue

2004-12-19 03:40:44
Subject: [Networker] Tape Recycling Issue
From: Anuj Mediratta <anuj AT ACE-DATA DOT COM>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 14:08:58 +0530
Hi all,

I have a Networker 7.1.1 installation with RH 9 as OS and Exabyte VXA-2

The problem is that on the day a tape has to get automatically recycled, it
starts the process, the tape get mounted, data gets erased.followed by an
error - "No Tape Label Found". After this the tape does not get labeled so
neither is the old data available on the tape nor does the tape accept any
further backups.

We loose old backups and if we do not take care, no future backups happen as
well.any suggestions.


Anuj Mediratta

Legato Certified Networker Administrator

Ace Data Devices Pvt. Ltd.

I-132, Ist Floor, Kirti Nagar,

New Delhi - 110 015.

Phone: 011-25152444, 25152445

Mobile: 09312634262

Email: anuj AT ace-data DOT com

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