[Networker] successfully backed up savesets reported as failed

2004-12-15 23:25:55
Subject: [Networker] successfully backed up savesets reported as failed
From: GLen Vassileff <g_vas_66 AT YAHOO.COM DOT AU>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 15:25:01 +1100
Backups successfully complete from the second attempt but are reported as 
web1, /apps, "failed:full:save" (nsradmin -i; show completion)

The daemon.log lists it as completed:
12/16/04 09:13:34 nsrd: web1:/apps done saving to pool 'Default' (sunbak.001) 
6765 MB

mminfo -av lists the saveset:
sunbak.001   web1 12/16/04 05:50:30 4190 MB 2092992302 cb full /apps

I started recover on the client and it lists all the images as recovarable. 
There are no error messages.
What can be wrong?

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