[Networker] ask you to response about media db

2004-12-14 07:13:34
Subject: [Networker] ask you to response about media db
From: Kwon Sang Deuk <ksdmin AT CDDATA.CO DOT KR>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 07:12:38 -0500
My backup environment consist with the system which has DDS4 drive in HP
Autoroader. and NetWorker Server is W2K
But  Backup is failed occsionally when the job is running
Because waiting available media  however Library has enough usable media
So I seen the neworker log, Library status and system log

the first i find the reason that backup is failed . The Frist reason is
networker  hasn't certainly media Volume id that is labeled by user

Let's See the detail status

1> Labeling  four DDS tape
2> networker did it surely. and The Volume is test.001, test.002.
test.003, test.004

3>  backup is running after test.001 Volum is mounted  and the job is

4> The status is media of test.001 is mouted , and then i umounted by
command of networkr
  # nsrjb -HEv
5 > But networker media db hasn't information about test.001 by nsrjb
    Networker only has incorrent informat about test.001

   volume name      pool       Volume id        location
   test.001 *        *            *               *
   test.002         Default     123456            hp
   test.003         Default     123457            hp
   test.004         Default     123458            hp

6> and so  i use command  nsrjb -IEv
   if it is runed Networker has correct information about test.001

What reason networker lose media information  when media is umounted ?

Do you have another idea ? if you have skill about it  send me it ....plz

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