[Networker] Help with command line recover

2004-12-13 12:56:32
Subject: [Networker] Help with command line recover
From: "Turner, Peter" <Peter.Turner AT FORTHC DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 11:47:24 -0600
Network 7.1; Windows 2000

Trying to do what I know how to do in User gui but can't seem to get
right on command line.  I have to do several restores in a tight time
frame and don't want to screw up by missing some option in the gui when
I am doing it.

Essentially want to recover SeverA\E$\Folder1 and subdirs to

What I think the command line should be is:

recover  -iY -R -c -d E:\

Yet when I test this, I get a recover> prompt whereupon I assume I
should be typing "recover"  example below:

C:\Program Files\Legato\nsr\bin>recover  -iY -R -c -d E:\  E:\Folder1
recover: Current working directory is E:\Folder1\
recover> recover
Initiating remote recover to from server, this may take a while...
recover: Nothing to recover

Of course there is nothing to recover, it is looking on Network server
rather than the client that actually had the files.

Can anyone provide me with the right syntax?  I gotta be close but for
some reason it is ignoring the client I want to recover from and
substituting the Networker sever ??  Any way to do a directed recover
straight from the command line? -a says invalid 

Any help appreciated.

Peter Turner
Fort HealthCare

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