[Networker] SnapImage for Solaris - any updates in sight?

2004-12-07 12:48:15
Subject: [Networker] SnapImage for Solaris - any updates in sight?
From: Oscar Olsson <spam1 AT QBRANCH DOT SE>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 18:47:24 +0100
It has been a while since SnapImage 1.6 was released for Solaris. It has
its bugs, for instance problems with DAR recovers, especially large ones,
and it lacks NDMP version 4 support, plus some other new features that
have been introduced in, for instance, ONTAP.

So, will there be any update? It feels like there's much to be wished for
in the next release? Any rumors/gossip at least? :)


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