[Networker] Networker Losing Aliases

2004-12-06 16:15:31
Subject: [Networker] Networker Losing Aliases
From: Robert Maiello <robert.maiello AT PFIZER DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 16:14:43 -0500
We seem to have run into "LGTpa65698 -> hostname caching removal/addition
causes problems".  That is, when a second instance of a client definition
is added, backups fail with a RAP error saying resource cannot
be found on the server. The workaround has been to delete/add all client
aliases again.

Unfortunately, we seem to forget to do this quite a bit.  Has anyone run
into this bug and have a unique workaround?  Maybe we should write an
nsradmin script to do this..we still need to remember to run it though.

We're running 7.1.1 on Solaris.

Robert Maiello
Pioneer Data Systems

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