[Networker] Tape purchase / tape swap

2003-08-28 14:10:32
Subject: [Networker] Tape purchase / tape swap
From: Bob S <bobs AT GOCMT DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 14:10:27 -0400
This is a response to a previous string which at first I thought was spam
or at best a salesman looking for clients.  The e-mail basically said "I
will buy your used tapes", bla bla bla...I had around 1200 used DLT tapes
that were about ready to be trashed and I was curious.  We had moved a
datacenter, changed and upgraded to LTO tape libraries and now had an
overabundance of old DLT IV tapes.  I had given as many as I could to other
departments but still had quite a few left.  I contacted the sender of the
e-mail and told them I didn't want to sell tapes but would like to swap my
old DLT IV tapes for HP ULTRIUM LTO 1 tapes.  To make a long story short,
the trade happened, they paid shipping.  All I had to do was box the tapes
up and let them know where to pick them up.  I ended up sending around 1050
used DLT tapes and got 135 new HP ULTRIUM LTO-1 tapes in trade.  Bottom
line is I was happy with this company and the trade.  If you are in the
same situation I was in and need to peddle tapes here is one way to do it.
(a trade is better than land fill)

The contact I used at CMT is:
Russ Hill
russ AT gocmt DOT com
phone: 800-242-9268 x228
phone: 408-252-9609 x228
fax: 408-252-9902
2020 E. South 7th. St.
San Jose, CA 95112

IT UNIX System Administrator

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