Re: [Networker] Eject Media after Group finishes?

2003-08-27 09:18:13
Subject: Re: [Networker] Eject Media after Group finishes?
From: Davina Treiber <Treiber AT HOTPOP DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 07:57:48 +0100
Preston de Guise wrote:
Perfect, exactly what I was looking for.  You are correct these are
simple,1 group 3 client nightly fulls.  Completion of the
group=completion for the day and ejection of the tape for offsite
transport.  Do you happen to know
if eject sleep begins counting at tape mount or at the end of
writing?  I
won't be able to use it if the former is the case as the tapes are
mountedin the morning for a 9pm backup.

Actually the eject sleep is only a timer on the amount of time after
NetWorker tells a drive to eject before it goes to use the ejected tape.

The closest thing to what you're after Shawn is the "idle device
timeout", which tells NetWorker to unmount/eject volumes after they've
been idle for the nominated number of minutes - however this is only
applicable in SmartMedia and dynamic drive sharing environments (may
also be applicable in AlphaStor - not sure).

Finally some sanity. As Preston says, eject sleep is nothing to do with
automatically ejecting tapes, it is simply a setting to allow the tape
drive mechanism enough time before the robotics attempt to pick the tape
from the drive. The idle device timeout is the best option in jukebox
environments, and Preston is almost right, it actually applies in shared
library environments, i.e. any jukebox that contains a drive connected
to a machine that is not controlling the robotics.

Of course it has now been revealed that Shawn doesn't have libraries at
all, so it's a slightly different issue. Mick's answer is right on the
mark, but then again it would be because he does exactly the same thing
on his own systems.

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