Re: [Networker] Sales calls

2003-08-11 10:20:12
Subject: Re: [Networker] Sales calls
From: Stan Horwitz <stan AT TEMPLE DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:19:55 -0400
On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, rich bonfoey wrote:

>Does anyone know what the policy on this list is for sales reps using
>the listing to make sales pitches?  I posted a question about AIT
>drives, by the way I got good responses from the group,  and this
>individual  Joseph Heitmeyer of Cambridge Computer sends a e-mail
>making a pitch.  Like I would buy from him.

Unsolicited ads on the list are not welcome. Sales related email in
response to specific questions is fine with me. By the way, I suggest you
not base your opinion on Cambridge Computer on only this one issue. I have
had very good experience dealing with people at Cambridge Computer,
although I have not had any dealings with the individual you named.

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