[Bacula-users] incremental backups too large

2011-01-12 15:45:27
Subject: [Bacula-users] incremental backups too large
From: Lawrence Strydom <qholloi AT gmail DOT com>
To: bacula-users AT lists.sourceforge DOT net
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 22:43:10 +0200
Hi list.

My understanding of an incremental backup is that only changed data is backed up. I use Bacula for backups to a disk array and configured it to do full backups once a month and daily incremental backups.
I have been noticing that the incremental backups seem to be fairly large though - not as big as full backups but often a couple of gig. This leads me to believe that the entire file is being backed up instead of only the changed data which is my understanding of a differential backup.

Disk space is a concern and I really don't want to back up the entire file if only a few characters have been changed. Is there any way to facillitate this?


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