amadmin due

2009-11-04 09:44:30
Subject: amadmin due
From: Brian Cuttler <brian AT wadsworth DOT org>
To: amanda-users AT amanda DOT org, Chris Knight <knight AT wadsworth DOT org>, Dave Remling <daver AT wadsworth DOT org>, Dave Remling <daver AT wadsworth DOT org>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 09:32:42 -0500
This is a very minor issue, but caught my attention.

Clearly have have successful backups of /cascadep/export/shain
but the due command reports that it has never been successfully
backed up. I'm having trouble reconciling this.

Amanda version is Amanda-2.6.1p1, running on a solaris 10/x86 box.
Client == Server

> amadmin cascade due
Due in  2 days: cascade:/
Due in  6 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/confocal
Overdue 14546 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/shain
Due in  3 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/rcole
Due in  3 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/herron
Due in  6 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/bowser
Due in  2 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/archives
Due in  2 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/outside
Due in  2 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/chen
Due in  2 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/liuz
Due in  2 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/home
Due in  2 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/source
Due in  2 days: cascade:/stationsAE
Due in  2 days: cascade:/stationsFL
Due in  2 days: cascade:/stationsMR
Due in  2 days: cascade:/stationsSZ
Due in  5 days: cascade:/cascadep/export/ghost

> amadmin cascade find cascade shain
Warning: no log files found for tape Cascade18 written 2009-11-03 18:30:01
Warning: no log files found for tape Cascade18 written 2009-11-03 18:30:01

date                host    disk                   lv tape or file              
                                   file part status
2009-10-21 18:30:00 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  1 Cascade20                 
                                      5  1/1 OK
2009-10-23 18:30:01 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  0 Cascade03                 
                                      6  1/1 OK
2009-10-26 18:30:01 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  1 Cascade06                 
                                      6  1/1 OK
2009-10-27 18:30:01 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  0 Cascade08                 
                                      7  1/1 OK
2009-10-28 18:30:01 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  1 Cascade11                 
                                      5  1/1 OK
2009-10-30 18:30:02 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  0 Cascade14                 
                                      2  1/1 OK
2009-11-02 18:30:01 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  1 Cascade16                 
                                     16  1/1 PARTIAL
2009-11-02 18:30:01 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  1 Cascade17                 
                                      1  1/1 OK
2009-11-03 18:30:01 cascade /cascadep/export/shain  0 
/amanda3/20091103183001/cascade._cascadep_export_shain.0.tmp    0   -- OK

   Brian R Cuttler                 brian.cuttler AT wadsworth DOT org
   Computer Systems Support        (v) 518 486-1697
   Wadsworth Center                (f) 518 473-6384
   NYS Department of Health        Help Desk 518 473-0773

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