Re: [ADSM-L] Backup up multiple vcenters with one TSM4VE ?

2018-05-03 15:56:00
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] Backup up multiple vcenters with one TSM4VE ?
From: Remco Post < AT PLCS DOT NL>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2018 21:54:29 +0200
> Op 3 mei 2018, om 21:21 heeft Tom Alverson <tom.alverson AT GMAIL DOT COM> 
> het volgende geschreven:
> In the past with TSM4VE 7.1.2 we had manually set up our backup schedulers
> and we could have different scheduler services point to different vcenter
> servers.  Now we are getting vcenter 6.5 virtual appliances that need to be
> backed up and the docs say we must have at least version 8.1 of TSM4VE to
> support vcenter 6.5.  When you install the newer versions of TSM4VE you
> specify a single vcenter at the beginning and it is not clear to me if
> there is any way to have a single TSM4VE server backing up more than one
> vcenter?

It all depends on what you want I guess. Running the BA-client with an 
alternate dsm.opt is quite simple, but if you want the benefits of the TSM4VE 
GUI, then you’ll most likely wind up with multiple VM’s running TSM4VE, one for 
each vCenter.

> Perhaps this is a good time to explore Spectrum Protect Plus 10 (TSM4VE
> virtual appliance)?  Has anyone switched to that yet?

Without much knowledge of SPP, I would bet 10 cents that you’ll need multiple 
SPP servers for multiple vCenters.

> Tom


 Met vriendelijke groeten/Kind Regards,

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