[ADSM-L] Operations Center 8.1.4 - Client Package Download using Proxy

2018-03-05 16:35:00
Subject: [ADSM-L] Operations Center 8.1.4 - Client Package Download using Proxy
From: Uwe Schreiber <uwe.h.schreiber AT T-ONLINE DOT DE>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 22:32:59 +0100
I'am searching a solution for deploying client updates using Operations
Center 8.1.4.

My OC hub (is spoke as well) is not able to connect direct to https://p
I have to use a proxy configuration to enable that communication.

So I configured the variables http_proxy / https_proxy with the
according proxy informations for the instance user within the RHEL 7.4
operating System.

Testing using "curl" and "wget" works as expected when trying to
download an deployment package.

For forcing the instance to do a software package refresh I restarted
the instance, but I still got the error

ANR3763E An error occurred while the catalog file used for client
updates was downloading from

After restarting the instance a "tcpdump" was showing packets to
"" using https.
The tcpdump tool stops to show such packets as soon as I get the above
message within the activity-log of the instance.

So I assume that dsmserv is ignoring the environment variables for the
proxy configuration.

As well I tried to tell the hub instance to load the client update
packages from a local filesystem instead by downloading them from IBM,
by modifying the local installed catalog.json file to use "file://..."
instead of "https://...."; .... without success.
It seems that the usage of https is "hard coded".

I already tried a manual import of the client autodeployment packages,
as well as the package for the update manager.

But querying the manifest table by using "select
pkg_name,pkg_type,state from client_pkg" is showing the packages with

I assume as long as the client update package manager is not able to do
the software download the state will not change and there
is no possibility to deploy any software to the attached clients.

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