Re: [ADSM-L] How can I exclude files from dedupe processing?

2015-08-02 12:33:54
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] How can I exclude files from dedupe processing?
From: Paul Zarnowski <psz1 AT CORNELL DOT EDU>
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 16:32:17 +0000
Since the files are already using a separate management class, you can just 
change the destination storage pool for that class to go to a non-duplicated 
storage pool.

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On Aug 2, 2015, at 11:07 AM, Dury, John C. <JDury AT DUQLIGHT DOT 
COM<mailto:JDury AT DUQLIGHT DOT COM>> wrote:

I have a Linux server and several TSM Linux clients. Those 
linux clients are dumping several Large Oracle databases using compression, and 
then those files are being backed up to TSM. Because the files are compressed 
when dumped via RMAN, they are not good candidates for dedupe processing. Is 
there any way to have them excluded from dedupe server processing ? I know I 
can exclude them from client dedupe processing which I am not doing on this 
client anyways. I have the SERVERDEDUPTXNLIMIT limit set to 200, but these rman 
dumps are smaller than 200g. I have our DBAs investigating using TDP for 
Oracle, but until then, I would like to exclude these files from dedupe 
processing as I suspect it is causing issues with space reclamation. If it 
helps, these files are in their own management class also.