Re: [ADSM-L] New releases of TSM 7.1.1 and FCM 4.1.1 now available fordownload!

2014-09-16 14:48:46
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] New releases of TSM 7.1.1 and FCM 4.1.1 now available fordownload!
From: Tom Alverson <tom.alverson AT GMAIL DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 14:46:36 -0400
I thought the baclient already supported 2012R2 ??

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Subject: [ADSM-L] New releases of TSM 7.1.1 and FCM 4.1.1 now available 

In case you missed it...

Tivoli Storage Manager and FlashCopy Manager added some significant 
new functions in TSM 7.1.1 and FCM 4.1.1 that are available for download 
starting today (Sept. 12, 2014).

If you missed the IBM announcement letter, here it is:

Here are some of the highlights of the new functions/features:

TSM Server:
- Policy differentiation for replicated data - Different policies for 
  retention time and number of versions can be defined on the source 
  and target TSM servers
- Repair files/volume for source server from replication server.
  Node replication DR that enables a simplified approach to local 
  recovery of files that have been damaged on the source server
- Improved scalability for node replication
- Max size of DB2 active log increased from 128gb to 512gb
- DB2 archive logs can be compressed 
- DB2 database backups can now be compressed
- DB2 page verification enabled during DB2 database backups 
  to detect corruption problems earlier 
- NIST SP800 compliance

TSM Operations Center:
- Schedules - Create new client schedules. View and change existing 
  Receive notifications if the scheduled operations run long.
- Daily Reports - Summary emails provide decision point information and a
  quick overview of environment health.
- Policy and Storage Pools - View properties, status, and historical 
  Change commonly used storage pool settings and start migration and
  reclamation tasks.
- Single-page view of server maintenance activities (replication, 
  storage pool backup and migration, object expiration, space reclamation) 

  with 2-week history visibility to scripted task details
- Client Management Services – Client Log Diagnostics
  See client logs directly along with problem resolution tips 
  all from a single OC screen
- TSM Operations Center Demo now available on Service Engage!

TSM for VE:
- Expand single-pass hypervisor support to include Hyper-V with
  incremental forever backup, restore of full virtual machines 
  and individual files from image backup, and auto discovery of VMs
- Simplified individual file level recovery for VMware including fully 
  VM mount to enable help desk file level recovery models
- New GUI integrated with vSphere Web Client to enable VMware 
  to use the same UI for VMware management and data protection, as well as
  role-based access control to limit access by Data Center

TSM B/A client:
- Enhanced security with support of 256-bit AES Encryption 
- Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 support
- Solaris x86 support 

TSM for HSM: 
- Improved efficiency in handling failed cluster nodes in large 
  General Parallel File System (GPFS) Hierarchical Storage Management 
(HSM) clusters 
  that enable better cooperation and communication between HSM nodes 
- More control over stub file recall that provides the ability to 
  recalls actions and change settings

Data Protection for Exchange:
- Individual mailbox restore usability and performance enhancements 
  for restoring folders and messages from the mailbox restore browser
- Support for Microsoft Exchange role-based access control (RBAC) to limit 
  available to backup and restore administrators and automatic validation 
  permissions in the Configuration Wizard
- Enhanced integrity check handling with built-in intelligence
- Ability to keep and reuse the recovery database during mailbox restore 
- Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 support

Data Protection for SQL Server: 
- Microsoft SQL Server 2014 support 
- Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 support
- Usability enhancements for handling of databases that are in
  offline, mirrored, snapshot, or restoring status
- New options: CHECKSUM for legacy backups and VERIFYONLY for legacy 

FlashCopy Manager for Windows:
- See Data Protection for Exchange enhancements above
- See Data Protection for SQL enhancements above

FlashCopy Manager for VMware:
- New GUI-based Configuration Wizard
- Remote mirroring support (including Metro Mirror/Global Mirror) for
  XIV, SVC, and V7000, including coexistence with SRM
- New vSphere Web Client GUI
- NIST SP800-131a compliance

All of this is available to you for download RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy your weekend.