[ADSM-L] move a node to a new domain

2013-05-28 15:16:20
Subject: [ADSM-L] move a node to a new domain
From: Jeanne Bruno <JBruno AT CENHUD DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 19:13:47 +0000
Hello.  I wanted to move one of our nodes to a new domain we recently created.

After I deleted the scheduled associations and nodegroup member, I updated the 
node with the new domain.
And then I did a 'move nodedata xyz fromstgpool=abc tostgpool=def
(both are primary storage pools types).

The move nodedata was successful, however when I do a 'q nodedata xyz', I'm 
seeing some .bfs volumes that still reference the old storage pool name.
But when I pipe the contents of the .bfs file and do a search on my xyz 

So then I did a 'move data D:\win2k_prim2\00015A07.bfs' to see if that would 
move any data from that volume to a new volume and delete any pointers from my 
node in question.

It did move the data to a new volume, but I'm still seeing my xyz node with the 
reference to the old storage pool to a new .bfs file.

Q nodedata xyz:

NODE:           VOL NAME:                                         STGPOOL       
XYZ              D:\abc_prim1\000139DF.BFS         abc_PRIM            132.62   
               **fi still on old stgpool??
XYZ              D:\abc_PRIM2\000150F7.BFS        abc_PRIM             0.60
XYZ              D:\abc_PRIM2\000165B3.BFS        abc_PRIM             0.11
XYZ              D:\abc_PRIM2\00018192.BFS        abc_PRIM             0.05
XYZ              M:\def_PRIM1\00017F02.BFS       def_PRIM             12,326.56 
             ***THIS IS THE NEW STGPOOL

Question is why after a move nodedata, does my node XYZ still have file 
references on the old Storage pool abc_Prim?

Any insite is greatly appreciated.

Jeannie Bruno
Senior Systems Analyst
jbruno AT cenhud DOT com<mailto:jbruno AT cenhud DOT com>
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
(845) 486-5780

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