Re: [ADSM-L] DATA Corruption using Deduplication in TSM WARNING

2012-05-30 02:14:01
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] DATA Corruption using Deduplication in TSM WARNING
From: Remco Post < AT PLCS DOT NL>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 08:08:45 +0200
Hi Ray,

Thanks for the warning.

I was wondering if you could tell us a bit more about this TSM server. Is it a 
converted 5.5 server? At which 6.x level did you start using TSM version 6 for 
this server, 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3? Do the errors occur with any particular kind of 
data? Is it 'old' data, or fresh data recently written to TSM? Are you able to 
restore the files from copypool if this error occurs?

On 29 mei 2012, at 20:46, Ray Carlson wrote:

> Or as IBM called it, "Orphaned deduplicate references".  
> We are running TSM on a Windows 2008 Server, and using the Identify 
> command to do deduplication on the Server, not the client.
> Interestingly, everything seemed to be mostly working.  We had a few volumes 
> that would not be reclaimed or moved because it said the deduplicated data 
> had not been backed up to the copy pool, but that was jut an annoyance.  
> Then we discovered that we could not do restores of various servers.  The 
> error we got was: 
> "05/21/2012 20:52:45 ANR9999D_2547000324 bfRtrv(bfrtrv.c:1161) Thread<129>: 
> Error 9999 obtaining deduplication information for object 254560532 in super 
> bitfile 664355697 in pool 7 (SESSION: 8235, PROCESS: 375)".
> A Severity 1 trouble ticket was opened with IBM back on 5/21 and various 
> information was gathered and provided to IBM.  So far IBM has not been able 
> to identify the root cause or provide a fix.  They have transferred the 
> ticket to the Development team.
> So here I sit, not knowing which servers, if any, I could restore if needed.  
> Unfortunately, most operations appear to be fine and report Success.  Only 
> when I try to do a Generate Backupset, or do a Restore, do I discover that 
> there is a problem and the job fails.  Also, it doesn't just skip the 
> file/files that it can't restore and restore everything else, it simply stops 
> the restore and says it failed.
> I'm wondering how many other people are in the same situation, but do not 
> realize it.  
> BEWARE Deduplication 
> Ray Carlson

Met vriendelijke groeten/Kind Regards,

Remco Post AT plcs DOT nl
+31 6 248 21 622