Re: [ADSM-L] TSM admin/operator duties

2012-05-15 01:26:13
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] TSM admin/operator duties
From: Steve Harris <steve AT STEVENHARRIS DOT INFO>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 01:15:49 -0400
Hi Mehdi

My take on this is that we as TSM admins provide an infrastructure that
clients use to back up, just as if they had a local tape drive attached
to their box.  It is up to us to keep that infrastructure running and
ensure that things post-backup, such as BACKUP STG and offsiting of
tapes happen.  Its up to the client administrators - Wintel admins, Unix
admins, DBAs - whoever - to confirm that their backups have completed

Now of course we can help. If the backup is run by a TSM schedule we
can notify them that something has gone wrong. If they get stuck with a
client problem we can help to resolve it, but the responsibility for
checking it worked is theirs.

If management try to put responsibility on you, insist that every
backup is scheduled by TSM and that you have admin rights on every box
to correct problems (or something like the TSMManager agent to allow you
to do what you need).  It is unfair to be held responsible for things
you have no control over.

My own opinion.


Steven Harris
TSM Admin, Canberra Australia

On 14.05.2012 22:52, Mehdi Salehi wrote:

Is there a standard SLA to draw a line between the duties of OS
admins/operators and TSM admin/operators? Many TSM admin duties like
server maintenance, tape libraries, DRM, ... are evident. But some
like verifying backups could be the point of dispute. Maybe it is
upon the complexity of the environment: how many systems to backup,
different flavors of operating systems and applications, ...

I would be grateful for any input.


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