[ADSM-L] Best practices for Oracle and DB2 Moves

2012-05-13 21:19:59
Subject: [ADSM-L] Best practices for Oracle and DB2 Moves
From: Steve Harris <steve AT STEVENHARRIS DOT INFO>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 21:13:32 -0400
Hi All

Like a lot of us, I'm contemplating a TSM 5.5 to 6.3 move for one of my

Most clients are not a problem, point the client at the new server,
take the first backup, and then after an appropriate length of time
either delete the data on the old server or export/import whatever is
left. This works fine for the BA client, Domino, MSSQL, SAP, however it
does not work for DB2 and Oracle.

Since DB2 and Oracle keep track of their own named backups, and delete
these when they have expired from the DBMS point of view, and they can
only access one TSM node at a time, there will be orphaned backups left
on the old server that will never expire, and as their entries are no
longer in the DBMS's catalog they will never be deleted if they are
imported to the new server.  This particular customer likes to keep a
periodic backup for a long time so it is a real issue.

I just did Butterfly training, and that product solves the problem for
oracle by restore/re-backup and fiddle the rman catalog.

What are the rest of you doing to address this issue?



Steven Harris
TSM Admin, Canberra Australia

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