[ADSM-L] Forced profile updates

2012-05-07 16:26:38
Subject: [ADSM-L] Forced profile updates
From: Thomas Denier <Thomas.Denier AT JEFFERSONHOSPITAL DOT ORG>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 16:20:27 -0400
We have a script used for scheduling backups. It defines a
schedule and then defines an association between the schedule
and a node. We recently started trying to use this script with
a TSM server that obtains policy domain definitions from a
configuration manager. The schedule has to be defined on the
configuration manager, and the updated policy domain has to
be replicated to the managed system before it is possible to
define the association.

It is possible to force more or less immediate replication from
the configuration manager using the 'notify subscriber' command.
Based on the way errors are reported when the configuration
manager has trouble contacting managed servers, I am reasonably
sure the replication is asynchronous; completion of the 'notify
subscriber' command does not imply that the replication is

It is also possible to force more or less immediate replication
from the managed server using a 'set configrefresh' command with
a non-zero interval. Does completion of this command imply that
replication is complete? I have not found any TSM documentation
that covers this point (an omission that is, unfortunately,
completely typical for TSM documentation).
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