[ADSM-L] Linux server -> conversion/upgrade questions

2012-04-20 12:04:27
Subject: [ADSM-L] Linux server -> conversion/upgrade questions
From: Zoltan Forray/AC/VCU <zforray AT VCU DOT EDU>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 11:57:56 -0400
Going through testing of converting/upgrading a server and have a few
questions as well as seeing some oddities.  Doing this on a test server
since we will be moving everything to a new machine for the actual move.

This is what I did (following the instruction in the book):

1. Installed server and dsmupgrd utility - formatted DB space and
restored the DB from an offsite server copy.
2. Ran "dsmupgrd preparedb" process
3. Ran "dsmupgrd extractdb"
4. Installed V6.2.3 and upgraded to v6.2.3.100  (don't want to risk 6.3
since the 5.5 server has old v5.1 IRIX clients we can't get rid of and am
not sure they will work under 6.3 server)

The instructions say to then run "dsmupgdx" to insert the output from
extractdb.  Well, this process goes back through the preparedb and
extractdb why did I do it manually?

Also, after the conversion, the 6.2.3 server seems to have some
"unassociated" filespaces - by this I mean when doing the query:

select node_name,sum(num_files),sum(physical_mb),type from occupancy group
by node_name,type order by node_name

I see (nodename is blank):

Unnamed[2]: 12
Unnamed[3]: 15.98
      TYPE: Bkup

This has me slightly concerned but I guess I can just consider this some
damage in the original DB?  Or should I be concerned?  How would I fix

When I compare occupancy numbers between old and new, the numbers are
"close enough" to not be really worried (I am comparing todays occupancy
numbers on the running 5.5 server with that of the DB I backed up and
restored, which was many days ago so I would expect from differences due
to backups, expiration, etc.)

Thoughts, suggestions, experiences ?

Zoltan Forray
TSM Software & Hardware Administrator
Virginia Commonwealth University
UCC/Office of Technology Services
zforray AT vcu DOT edu - 804-828-4807
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