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2012-03-13 13:52:36
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] Ang: [ADSM-L] TDP 6.3 and Exchange 2010?
From: "Clark, Margaret" <MClark AT SDDPC DOT ORG>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 17:45:15 +0000
A few additional comments (things we found out the hard way):

For Data Protection for Exchange to work, the TSM Client Agent must be 

The *TDP clients need to be set up using USERID=NONE, after which we set the 
proxy access using server commands like this:  

  register admin ExchangeServerTDP ExchangeServer1 passexp=0
  register admin ExchangeServer1 ExchangeServer1 passexp=0
  grant authority ExchangeServerTDP class=node authority=owner 
  grant authority ExchangeServer1 class=node authority=owner 
  grant proxynode target=ExchangeServerTDP agent=ExchangeServer1

- Margaret Clark

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I've not looked for a Redbook, we fought the initial setup for several days, 
using PMRs to get through several of the steps.

The TSM server is, running on Windows 2008 R2.

The major points that I recall:

Created a new Domain, with only one Mgmt Class, thus the default.

In that domain:
Created a nodename that is used at the BA-Client.  Let's call this 

Created a second nodename that is used at the TDP-Client.  Let's call this 

ExchangeServerTDP displays ExchangeServer1 as a Proxy Authority:  Via the 
AdminCenter GUI, open ExchangeServerTDP, click Proxy Authority, add 

Both nodes (ExchangeServerTDP and ExchangeServer1) were given "client owner" 
authority level in the TSM server Administrators list.

Created two schedules: one for C:\EXCFULL.CMD; one for C:\EXCINCR.CMD.

Assigned the schedules to ExchangeServerTDP.

I didn't do all the TDP install and VSS setup testing; that was done by the 
Exchange Server admin. I can only work with the TSM Server side details.  The 
TDP install apparently created the excfull.cmd and excincr.cmd files as 
examples for customization.  I recall the Exchange Admin was impressed by the 
6.3 TDP GUI and how some initial testing for VSS setup was fairly easy.

Our knees were very bloody getting through all of it; and at the moment 
scheduled backup appears to be successful only if the TDP Scheduler Service has 
"logon as" set to a domain account that has Exchange permissions. We've not 
seen that as a requirement in the setup guide.

Recall the phrase: Your mileage may vary!  Good luck with it.

Harold Vandeventer
Systems Programmer
State of Kansas - Department of Administration - Office of Information 
Technology Services Harold.Vandeventer AT da.ks DOT gov
(785) 296-0631

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Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] Ang: [ADSM-L] TDP 6.3 and Exchange 2010?

Do any of you have a runbook or set of procedures to follow to get TSM setup to 
backup Exchange 2010 ? I have see the manual/power shell script, etc.. but am 
still struggling with the setup. 

Thanks in advance for any help, Pete.  

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That wont work since you will need domain-level administrator rights to backup 
Exchange 2010.

Either create a new account with domain-level administrator rights and the role 
"Administrator" in Exchange, or use your existing Administrator account.

Local System doesnt have domain-level administrator rights.


Daniel Sparrman

Daniel Sparrman
Exist i Stockholm AB
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Fax: 08-754 97 30
daniel.sparrman AT exist DOT se
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Ärende: [ADSM-L] TDP 6.3 and Exchange 2010?

Is anyone using TDP 6.3 to run VSS backup against Exchange 2010 DAG?

We're fighting a problem where a scheduled backup is reported as "successful" 
from the TSM server perspective, but according to the TDP/Exchange manager the 
backup never runs.  He doesn't see any corresponding backup history in the TDP 

Setting the TDP Scheduler service to Log On As a domain account (not "Local 
System") seems to let scheduled backup work, but the TDP/Exchange manager wants 
to avoid password change polices by using Local System as he has for years with 
Exchange 2007.

We've got a PMR open, with no progress other than "try a domain account".

Harold Vandeventer

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