Re: [ADSM-L] Active logs taking 4 days to delete in 6.2

2011-07-26 06:26:05
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] Active logs taking 4 days to delete in 6.2
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 10:20:59 +0000
The active log space is preallocated at the file system level, you can check 
the current log file (1504)  in use as follows:

$ db2pd -db tsmdb1 -logs

Database Partition 0 -- Database TSMDB1 -- Active -- Up 6 days 01:53:15 -- Date 
07/26/2011 12:16:27

Current Log Number            1504
Pages Written                 984
Cur Commit Disk Log Reads     0
Cur Commit Total Log Reads    0
Method 1 Archive Status       Success
Method 1 Next Log to Archive  1504
Method 1 First Failure        n/a
Method 2 Archive Status       n/a
Method 2 Next Log to Archive  n/a
Method 2 First Failure        n/a
Log Chain ID                  6
Current LSN                   0x000000BC027D8E23

$ ls
S0001503.LOG  S0001508.LOG  S0001513.LOG  S0001518.LOG  S0001523.LOG  
S0001528.LOG  S0001533.LOG  S0001538.LOG  S0001543.LOG  S0001548.LOG  
S0001553.LOG  S0001558.LOG
S0001504.LOG  S0001509.LOG  S0001514.LOG  S0001519.LOG  S0001524.LOG  
S0001529.LOG  S0001534.LOG  S0001539.LOG  S0001544.LOG  S0001549.LOG  
S0001554.LOG  S0001559.LOG
S0001505.LOG  S0001510.LOG  S0001515.LOG  S0001520.LOG  S0001525.LOG  
S0001530.LOG  S0001535.LOG  S0001540.LOG  S0001545.LOG  S0001550.LOG  
S0001555.LOG  S0001560.LOG
S0001506.LOG  S0001511.LOG  S0001516.LOG  S0001521.LOG  S0001526.LOG  
S0001531.LOG  S0001536.LOG  S0001541.LOG  S0001546.LOG  S0001551.LOG  
S0001556.LOG  S0001561.LOG
S0001507.LOG  S0001512.LOG  S0001517.LOG  S0001522.LOG  S0001527.LOG  
S0001532.LOG  S0001537.LOG  S0001542.LOG  S0001547.LOG  S0001552.LOG  

If it is full, a new log file is used. When a log file is no longer active (all 
sql statements are committed), it is archived:

$ db2 get db cfg for tsmdb1 | grep LOGARCH
 First log archive method                 (LOGARCHMETH1) = 

So it works as DB2 is supposed to do.

Best regards,

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Van: ADSM: Dist Stor Manager [mailto:ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU] Namens Paul 
Verzonden: maandag 25 juli 2011 15:20
Onderwerp: Re: [ADSM-L] Active logs taking 4 days to delete in 6.2

Yeah, I am.  The thing that's wierd is the 4 day delay.  Active logs are 
getting deleted, but they're waiting 4 days to do so.  And this is not how the 
behavior has always been since going to 6.2.  I just noticed the change one 
day.  Very bizarre...

On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 6:59 AM, Zoltan Forray/AC/VCU <zforray AT vcu DOT 

> Are you doing "backup volhist" as well?  IIRC, there was a discussion
> that you needed to do that as well to purge activity logs.  Plus it is
> a requirement to perform DB restores on 6.x servers.
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> From:
> Paul Fielding <paul AT FIELDING DOT CA>
> To:
> Date:
> 07/25/2011 08:50 AM
> Subject:
> [ADSM-L] Active logs taking 4 days to delete in 6.2 Sent by:
> "ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" <ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU>
> So, at one of my client sites I noticed that the Active log filesystem is
> sitting at 82% full.  This is not normal for this TSM server.  Looking in
> the filesystem I saw active logs going back four days.   Checking the
> actlog
> shows that TSM db backups are still running properly every day, but just
> to
> be safe I ran two db backups in succession.  No logs were removed.
> I decided to keep an eye on it.  What I see happening is that each morning
> when I look at it, there are still four days worth of logs, but the oldest
> logs are moving forward by a day. ie.  when I looked on July 22, the
> oldest
> log was July 18.  When I looked on July 23, the oldest log was July 19.
>  Today, July 25, I see the oldest log is July 21.
> This strikes me as a bit bizarre.  Anyone have any ideas?
> regards,
> Paul
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