Re: [ADSM-L] FCM (Flashcopy Manger) - Snapshot name + Policy ?

2011-07-11 14:44:52
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] FCM (Flashcopy Manger) - Snapshot name + Policy ?
From: Del Hoobler <hoobler AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 14:37:33 -0400
>> i use TSM Flashcopy manager 6.2 for backuping (create snapshot on a
>> storage XIV) ms exchange 2010.
>> basically it works fine, but i have two questions:
>> 1) the name of the FCM created snapshot on the xiv is a random "name"
>> is it possible to "create/define" a "fix" name (eg:
>> SNAPShot_Month_Year) for the snapshot?
>> instead of VSS-12345678-3333-1111-3333-123456789012
This name is not specifically created by FlashCopy Manager.
It is created by the XIV VSS Hardware Provider.
FCM does not have control to name the snapshot.

>> 2) in the FCM exchange GUI there can be defined a POLICAY
>> a) how many number of snapshots to keep - default 2 versions
>> b) days to keep a snapshot - default 30 days
>> i have changed a) to 6 versions
>> but now i had the problem that last week before the 3rd snapshot was
>> the first was DELETED!!! ???
>> why?
>> an error, anyhting else i must configure?
>> or is the problem that b) is 30 days and the first snapshot is
>> older than 30 days??
If the snapshot is older than 30 days, it will be deleted,
regardless of the number of versions you have set.
If you want to just base them on versions and not time,
then set the "days to keep a snapshot" to NOLIMIT.
If that is not the problem...
Did you change the existing policy (DEFAULT) to 6 versions
or did you create a new policy? If you created a new policy,
you need to "bind" that named policy to the backups.
Do that under the "Utilities" --> "VSS Policy Binding...".
If you still think it is not working correctly,
open a call with IBM support, they will help you
find the problem.

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