Re: [ADSM-L] The BACKUP VM command is not supported on this client (ANS1184W)

2008-03-21 12:21:08
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] The BACKUP VM command is not supported on this client (ANS1184W)
From: Bill Smoldt <smoldt AT STORSERVER DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 10:20:00 -0600
That won't fix THIS issue.  This error message is quite descriptive.  The
backup vm command really isn't supported on the 64 bit client.  And the TSM
scripts use that command.

I'll point out that the backup vm command is not necessary to backup virtual
machines with TSM through a proxy server, however, and we don't use it with
our implementation.  So you can back them up with the 64bit client if you
don't use the VMware supplied TSM pre-sched command scripts.

Bill Smoldt
STORServer, Inc.

> From: "Burton, Robert" <robert.burton AT RBC DOT COM>
> Reply-To: "ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" <ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU>
> Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 11:52:44 -0400
> Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] The BACKUP VM command is not supported on this client
> (ANS1184W)
> My understanding is you have to be at tsm server 5.5 level as well as
> the client ... 
> thanks 
> Robert Burton 
> Enterprise Storage Network Analyst
> Royal Bank of Canada
> 315 Front St West
> Toronto, On, M5V 3A4
> ( 416-348-3849 )
> + Robert.Burton AT rbc DOT com
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> From: ADSM: Dist Stor Manager [mailto:ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU] On Behalf 
> Of
> Bell, Charles (Chip)
> Sent: 2008, March, 21 11:09 AM
> Subject: The BACKUP VM command is not supported on this client
> (ANS1184W)
> Receiving this error when first testing TSM backups with VMware's VCB
> product.
> Running TSM v5.5.0.4 client on Windows 64-bit OS. TSM server is at
> v5.4.2.0.
> I have a ticket open with TSM support, but would like to know if anyone
> has seen this. I thought that command would be supported by 5.5 on
> 64-bit. What am I missing. Any VMware gurus out there?  J
> God bless you!!! 
> Chip Bell
> Network Engineer I
> IBM Tivoli Certified Deployment Professional Baptist Health System
> Birmingham, AL 
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