[ADSM-L] Servermigration and IP-Replacement

2007-08-22 03:13:34
Subject: [ADSM-L] Servermigration and IP-Replacement
From: Markus Engelhard <Markus.Engelhard AT BUNDESBANK DOT DE>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 09:11:48 +0200
Hello Michael,

we are just moving from AIX to W2K3 by exporting node by node, which is
sometimes painstaking but helps clean up the system from old and obsolete
stuff. The TSM server name is neccesarily unique on each system. I
experience that the password frequently has to be updated after exports.
Exporting the Server as such is in fact the technically easiest way as the
client option files do not have to be touched, but you have to be sure to
manage in the given timeframe of normally one working day. Additionally,
all clients without data on the new server will do an initial full backup.
Frankly, in our mid-size environment I wouldn´t dare follow this path.
Allen, you are right: Cross platform database restore/load/... is neither
supported nor does it work between Unix and Windows, one of our TSM-admins
didn´t believe me or the docs ( in fact I´m quite happy he frequently
doesn´t ) and tried anyway, but didn´t manage to make it run (TEST
ENVIRONMENT, off course). Different flavours of Unix can work, but I would
never try this in a production environment as you will get no support.



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